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TOVNESS! The Goodness of God

Sunset in Midrand

We are loving our new house! I think everyone knows that - we feel the pleasure of God every day. God’s goodness to us. After Sunday’s message I have been thinking of a new name for the house - TOV-HOUSE. The Home of Tov. TOV Lodge. 😂

Because - the GOODNESS of God has made it so! The home functions well for us - we built it with us in mind - we like what we have designed. It works for us.

But - to get here was not easy. Craig thought we would be in much sooner than we were. I was knotted up with anxiety as I saw the walls go up and sometimes come down to be rebuilt properly. It cost a little more than we had anticipated but - it was all worth it.

Imagine the builders of Nehemiah’s day. Rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem.

They did have a glorious party when it was completed but to get there…. There was hard work involved. There was planning. Effort. Construction is a dirty, sweaty business. It took a bit of time (although not as long as our house took!). AND - they - the people of the city - did it without a professional construction crew!

In Nehemiah 3 there is a list of those who built the wall -

A high priest (read pastor 😯) started at the Sheep gate - I suppose that is appropriate!

The Sons of…. (read families, young men - unskilled in construction!).

Goldsmiths, perfumers, Fathers and daughters, leaders of regions, Levites, merchants all got their hands dirty. All put their hands, hearts and time in to build the wall under the direction of a cupbearer - Nehemiah!

And that is the call for us today - at Urban Life Church. No matter who you are, or what you do there is a purpose for you at Church. Peace and prosperity are not going to come because we are gifted to do it but because we are willing to be anointed by heaven to work under the direction of the good hand of God.

“The seeds of function and purpose are in my heart. Planted there by God.” - Craig.

And it is TOV - good, functional, beautiful! It fulfills the purpose for which it was created.

The Church, salvation - God’s purpose.

Urban Life Church, we have the GOOD HAND of God upon us. He has anointed us to do His work, to build His Church. We partner together - cooperate in building, doing our part. Sword in one hand, trowel in the other. There is no place for grumbling and moaning and offense (be careful of the enemy’s attacks and threats against us as we work - Neh 4:1-3) - it’s sweating time, construction time - anointing of the Great God upon us!

Many people say that they have never felt the anointing of God on them - NOW is the time! Build with purpose - put your agenda aside for a bit and enjoy the anointing and blessing (Psalm 133) that comes from unity in His house!

🎼 Oh I will sing of the Goodness of God

With every breath that I am able

I will sing of the Goodness of God…🎼

See you on SUNDAY at 8:30 & 10:30 - gonna be TOV!!

Love Andy

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