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sunday is funday at life kids 

It is our great privilege to reveal the Gospel in a way that speaks to children of every age. We want to make it easy for your child to know Jesus and have a life-giving relationship with Him. And we believe that growing in our walk with God is best done together as a family. That’s why our Life Kids Online experience has tailored and age-appropriate content complete with a FAMILY PACK of games, prayers, scripture, crafts and discussions that your whole family can participate in. Life Kids is not just Sunday School - it’s a life-changing programme built for every day of the week. 


Your kids will be sure to love the lively, interactive games, dancing, stories and prayer in our weekly Life Kids Online experience that you can stream whenever you’d like. 

In short: Interactive Games | Music & Dance Moves | Prayer | Story 

life kids ONLINE

Anytime on our YouTube Channel  and Facebook Page

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At Life Kids we’re making it easy for children, of any age, to have a life-giving relationship with Jesus. On Sundays we do this through our safe, fun-filled meetings that run during the 8:30 and 10:30 am meetings. Your kids can expect to have great music and dance, interactive Bible stories, lots of playtime and the chance to make new friends. Our dedicated Life Kids facilities are packed with all sorts of play equipment and our trained volunteers are always around to ensure your child is safe, welcomed and has everything they need. 


Be sure to come early to check your child into their age group’s facility and give them a moment to settle in and get comfortable. After the meeting you can pick them up and enjoy community on our beautiful patio, grab some food and let the kids run on the large lawns. 

In short: Games | Music & Dance | Bible Story | Play 

life kids in PERSON

Sundays at 08:30 and 10:30 in Midrand. 

check out some of our online experiences

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 Got questions about Life Kids? Check these out, or contact us to find out more.

Life Kids is for children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years. We have different programmes, facilities and volunteer teams for each age group so that your child has the best, most age-appropriate experience with us. 

What ages do you host at Life Kids?

 Yes! We take your child's safety seriously. We have a trusted check-in, check-out system, safe facilities and trained volunteers ready to serve your child. 

Will my child be safe? 

Life Kids runs during both our 08:30 and 10:15 church meetings. 

When does Life Kids happen In Person? 

New Life Kids online experiences are available weekly from Sundays at 8:30am for you to enjoy whenever you’d like in the week. 

When does Life Kids happen Online? 

We follow a Bible-based and Gospel-focused curriculum that is fun and engaging for every age. We spend 6 months of the year learning from the Old Testament and 6 months learning from the New Testament through stories, games, lessons and crafts.  

 What do you teach at Life Kids? 
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