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we believe in the biblical principle of tithing and offerings

Tithes | Offering | H4TH

What is Tithe: 

  • The tithe is the first 10% of your Gross Salary given to God and stewarded by the Local Church. We believe that everything we have is from God. 

We also have other ways to give:


  • Through an offering: this is over and above the tithe, intentional generosity given for a purpose.

  • Honour for the House: this goes towards a specific cause and vision. At the moment we are trusting God to continue to build our Studio, where people from far and wide can join our services, find community and encounter the transforming gospel of Jesus.


We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of God and are so grateful that people choose to partner with us. 

Banking Details

[Mid] + [Tithes/Offerings]

Bank: First National Bank

Account Name: Urban Life Church

Account: 6264 5317 480

Branch Code: 250 655

Debt/Credit Card

[Mid] + [Tithes/Offerings]

Payment via Visa or Mastercard. 



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