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Wildly Expectant!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

So - 2023 is here!

It’s gonna be WILD!

Forget about your new year’s resolution - the first thing I think we all need to do to be ‘resolute’ for 2023 - is put on your earphones. 🎧 And LISTEN 🎧


Urban Life Church Sermons

Warren Hollenbach

January 8, 2023


Listen again. And again. And again.

I really believe that this is a Word from God for us (Urban Life Church) for ‘such a time as this’.

As I listened - with half an ear at first - I had my feet in the pool, weighed by what this year could hold, the pressures, the pains, the mundanity…And then…I felt the Holy Spirit. I stopped. I listened…with both ears!!

Now I am stirred.

Within me is an intensity and a passion for us all to be aware of what God is saying to Urban Life Church.

We can’t go in quietly. We can’t go into this year with the ‘same old, same old’ resolutions - gotta-be-fitter, gotta-be-healthier, gotta-be-thinner, gotta-be-wealthier… there has to be more than that. God has things planned for us. Wildly exciting things. Plans of impact, purpose, change. Plans of partnership as we have never seen before.


Can we go in PRAYING?

Can we go TOGETHER!

Believing God for the impossible.

Trusting for a year like we have never had before.


Because we Belong to Build.

Partnering with Purpose.

There is purpose in our togetherness, our partnering, our community. We are HIS people, called by His name. Destined to bring His will and purpose to this city and this nation. TOGETHER!

Yes - we all want to be the hero - the star of the show, BUT that is reserved for Jesus.

The impact is going to be like the horses that Warren spoke of - yoked together - each one doing his/her part. A trowel (your building tools) in one hand and the sword (The Word of God) in the other. Standing shoulder to shoulder building, helping, connecting, encouraging - together. [All the metaphors 🙄]

The Church is God’s idea. It is His purpose. The strategy of God to change this world is found in the Church. The will of God will be done when we partner with God and each other. We are His people. Connected and held together by Jesus - the head.

To partner with Him - THAT IS TRUE PRIVILEGE.

So, stop reading - go and plug in the message!

Have a great week, Urban Life Church - go and IMPACT your world for Jesus.

Loads of love and filled with wild excitement about 2023 (thanks Warren!)


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