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People. People. Everywhere!

I had “A DAY” this week.

I am sure that you all have had one of ‘those days’ before.

It was not a bad day, or a great day - it was a DAY filled with people!


I know what you are thinking…

That is EVERY day!

I had a ‘people-filled’ day! I went from meeting with 2 conflicting humans, to meeting with a woman hurting from life’s circumstances, to praying with an overwhelmed, yet strong, mom. Then a young lad admitted to me that, ‘I sometimes forget the letters’, trying hard to live in this world filled with letters! The day was filled with people whose lives are so different from each other and… I was reminded of Jesus.

“Oh Lord, what are human beings that You should notice them,

Mere mortals that You should think about them?”

Psalm 144



His life was mindful of people. His life - connecting, helping, meeting, eating, walking, healing people. E.V.E.R.Y day.

I was encouraged by a YouVersion devotional:

“Who is the real Jesus?

Fearless; never backing down from doing what is right.

Vulnerable; allowing us to get close enough to know him.

Compassionate; entering into our pain.

Jesus stepped into people’s space, bringing the anxious, comfort, the sick, healing, and joy to everyone who welcomed Him in.

Jesus...He showed up. He sat across from people at the dinner table and wept at family funerals. He invited people to know Him. He taught them how to live in a dysfunctional world (his was, too). His words weren’t just radical for the first century, they’re still extreme today.

No one cares like that. Except He did. He insisted on human dignity, that every person matters.

No one teaches like that. Yet the change He ushered in still reverberates today.

The way Jesus called out the toxic religious and political systems turned history upside down. He’s a radical in any decade—which makes Him a worthwhile model to live by today.

But how?

Let’s explore His life together...He came to show, not just tell. Match His words and His actions and you might be surprised at what you’ll find.”

Our days will always be filled with people - He Gets Us - our new series is going to explore this and I believe that freedom is coming for all who have ears to hear.

Don’t miss a moment of this series!

Have a great week - invite Jesus to be a part of every minute - He Gets Us!

Love you all


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