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Life in Light Bulbs

Dear Urban Life,

I hope I always remember THAT moment in Church when the lights came on in


Only a crazy, faith-filled, creative bunch of people would come up with a plan to glorify God and proclaim salvation using electricity in this time of #loadshedding! 🤣

But - what a moment it was! As people flooded to the front to place a light bulb into the word Life to proclaim that Jesus has saved them - a symbolic act.

Darkness to light!

Death to life!

Bondage to freedom!

What JOY!

When last did you think back to that day of your salvation? I think it is time for us to take time to begin to thank God for His salvation plan.

The greatest and most important decision anyone can ever make is THAT day of salvation. Jesus turns our whole world upside down and right-way-up! In. A. Moment.

Oh, what a glorious day - the day of salvation.

Luke 17:11-19 tells the story of Jesus healing 10 lepers as they cried out “Jesus, have mercy on us!” but only one came back to Jesus shouting, “Praise God!” and he fell to the ground at Jesus’ feet thanking Him for what He had done.

Urban Life Church - let's be those people that continually proclaim what Jesus has done for us. Let’s thank Him for our salvation. Can we fall at his feet and thank Him? Praise Him for His grace and mercy towards us.

Oh! He has done great and glorious things for us. He has turned our ashes into beauty. He has given us hope and purpose. He loves us. He trusts us. He delights in us. He has made me good/TOV. He has given me grace, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, joy…

The challenge -

Spend one minute a day thanking Jesus for your salvation.

Craig said on Sunday, “Revival looks like mercy flowing.”

Mercy for me, and you and your friends and family. Salvation.

Life in light bulbs…come and check it out on Sunday in person - 8:30 am or 10:30 am, or - online - catch a glimpse and be inspired to proclaim and thank God for your salvation!

Love you all


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