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Hackathons, Packathons…and now SKIPATHONS!

Dear Urban Life,

What a year it has been already! New words, new rhythms, new ideas.

We tried out a hackathon which birthed a packathon which started invitations with a difference!

Invitational gifts have been couriered and hand delivered to our friends, family, colleagues because of a word to us at Urban Life Church.

“At the King’s command, couriers went throughout Israel and Judah with letters from the king…” 2 Chronicles 30:6

We have seen and heard the impact of this Word of the Lord to us.

Why did we do this? We heard from God and obeyed!

Why do we invite people to come to Church?

Because the Good News of Jesus CANNOT be the ‘Best Kept Secret’!

His Grace, His Mercy, His GOODNESS – we need to tell others about the revolutionary message of our Saviour.

So - how does Skipathons enter our vocab?

This week on Sunday, 26 February, an Urban Lifer has invited her world to church through her work and has added an extra dimension!

A Skipathon is happening!

This amazing woman is using what’s in her hand to build the Church. She has a following of skippers! The skipathon is a way to raise awareness and bring in some necessities that Botshabelo needs as well as introducing her world to the Church (the ‘secret’ will get out).

Botshabelo is an integral part of Urban Life Church adding value to our city. The church, through Botshabelo’s work, cares for the vulnerable, poor, widows, orphans and those downtrodden. This Skipathon is building His Church.

All that to say – let’s be at our best on Sunday! Be your wonderfully friendly, God-inspired selves and welcome the visitors. Let’s skip together – bring your skipping ropes, a packet of nappies or a tin of formula,some 💰, a towel, running shoes and let’s build the Church!

We will have great fun – together – skipping or not – Belong to Build!

See you Sunday



PS: Skipathon entrance fee –

· Pack of Nappies (size 1 – 3)

· Large tin of formula (1 & 2)

· Money 💰

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