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This week I picked the wrong time!

Urban Life Church is praying and we’ve had early morning prayer times at the church property every day this week. And - I decided that I was gonna ‘kill a couple of birds with one stone’!

Prayer at church.

Do some exercise by walking home from church with…

my dog!.

Seemed like a really good idea at the time… walk my dog home from the church property after praying with the people! I had visions of the dog sitting quietly at my feet whilst I prayed and enjoyed God’s Presence.

It was not to be!

The dog went WILD (on her leash) as she saw all the wonderful people waiting for her

This was NOT going to be the moment I envisioned!

Wrong time to exercise the dog!

Needless to say, she spent an hour in the car…

Urban Life Church, there is a TIME for everything - God sets those times and we need to pay attention. I think there are some choices that we need to be making in THIS time.

What do we believe God is saying at the moment and what do we do in this time?

During this week of prayer (and before) we, as leaders, have pinpointed some ‘Times’

Urban Life Church, take note….

It’s time to BUILD.

It’s time to INVITE

It’s time to PRAY

Building - what does that look like for us?

Read the books of Ezra and Nehemiah in the Old Testament.

We, in this time, need to be wise and listen and obey what God is saying. It is a choice we make. It is time to choose what God wants over what we want personally.

It is time to build the House of the Lord. Put our weight, time, energy, finances, thoughts, prayers, effort into building His Church. Choose His house over our own houses.

Inviting - what does that look like?

There seems to be an ‘anointing’ on the couriering of the invitational gifts! It was a ‘revelation word’ given to Criag last year and we have put it into action! And we have been surprised! Those gifts - the expectation of GREAT things happening has increased over the weeks. The prayer, the delight, the faith…. It has been a beautiful thing! The time to invite your world is now - the harvest is ready - let’s be ‘good laborers’! Luke 10:2 “The harvest is great, but the workers are few…ask Him to send more workers into His fields.” We are those workers…. Invite - the time is now!

Praying - God is great and good. He answers prayer.

It is time to pray. We have kicked off this week with concentrated prayer together - it’s time to continue. Pray for this Church. Pray for the neighborhood, the city, the nation. Pray for our government. Pray for the peace and prosperity of our city (Ps 122). Pray for His goodness to be made evident to those in trouble. Pray for TOV - things to function in the way that they were intended to function. Just PRAY.

Don’t make the mistake of doing things at the wrong time - like me and the dog!

May GOODNESS and MERCY follow you all week.

Love to you all


PS: Urban Kids Educentre is looking for a qualified ECD teacher - pray and ask God - is this the TIME? Please contact me if you are interested and we can chat!

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