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We are all created to know God, and to enjoy His presence. His unashamed love and forgiveness beckons us to grow in life, to become more like Jesus, and to find purpose in our every day. And as we do this, our greatest responsibility is to reach people who do not know God personally. Everything we do as believers fulfills the purpose of glorifying God and sharing His Gospel with others. Which is why, we at Urban Life, are committed to sharing this Good News with you through our Sunday services, small groups, and life with others in our community. We want to help you know God personally and fulfill His purpose for your life. 

Here are some ways you can start your journey:

  • Get more information, I’m new here!

  • Put my faith in Jesus

  • Get baptized in water

  • Dedicate my Child(ren)

  • I want to get connected to community

Know God 

join the journey

Live the life God intended for you - filled with purpose, passion and community. 

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Starting Point is the best place to kick off as you join the journey and get to know God and yourself. It’s a practical course that covers three steps in your walk with God -  Finding Freedom, Discovering Your Purpose and Making a Difference (to empower others). Starting Point is a fun, collaborative journey as you discover your purpose to live the full life God created for you. And how you can best live out your design in life and at Urban Life Church. Our favourite part is getting to know you too! A new course starts every month and runs for 3 weeks in person on Sundays (after the 10:15 meeting) or online on Thursday evenings.

Let’s get started!

  • Sign up for Starting Point

Discover Purpose

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We all learn the hard way that “life is not about us,” don’t we? But what if we could re-frame that and relish the fact that life is truly about so MUCH more than just our own world and self. Life is most fulfilling when we’re connected to our purpose, serving others and generously giving back to those around us. It’s the way God intended, and we would love to help you find your “sweet spot” to live fully immersed in community and the joy of making a difference in this world. 


How would you like to make a difference? ​

  • Join a Serving Team at Urban Life Church

  • Support/Serve Botshabelo (our Non Profit working to transform children’s lives)

  • Use my finances to build God's Kingdom

  • Intern at Urban Life Church to serve wholeheartedly and gain valuable experience too

Make a Difference

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God created us to live life with a healthy community around us. His intention is and always has been for us to find freedom, grow and live out our purpose through His Church. Living in community with others means we get to experience the full life He promises us. We definitely are better together! Which is why we encourage you to build real, authentic relationships and join a group at Urban Life Church. 

I am keen!

Sign up for one or more of the following:

  • Join a Small Group

  • Join a Focus Group

  • Attend Urban Recovery (Help through any addiction)

  • Attend Pre-Marriage course

  • Ask for Pastoral Care

Find Freedom

Small Group Logo
Small Groups near you

We believe that BIG GROWTH happens in small groups. As you gather with other believers in homes and online we know that you will encounter Jesus, grow together as His disciples and have fun while you’re at it!

Urban Recovery
Urban Recovery near you

Battling with addiction? Whether it’s you or someone you know, Urban Recovery is a safe environment to get compassionate help to break free from any addiction. Don’t struggle alone, reach out!

Starting Point
Starting Point near you

Starting Point is a great way to kick off your journey with God and discover more about Him, His Church and how to live out your purpose to make a difference in your world.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups near you

Don't navigate life alone! Join one of our Focus Groups. We cover topics such as emotional health, divorce care, finances and more.

How can we help you grow? 

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Serving Humanity

Urban Life Church is deeply committed to intentionally sowing justice in the soil of our land. We believe God has mandated us to serve our nation and transform children’s lives through our registered Non-Profit Organisation, Botshabelo.